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How to make sofa covers stay in place

Getting your sofa cover to stay in place comes down to a few important variables such as size, foam sticks and the material of the couch.

In a previous article about “how to fit a couch cover on your sofa” we discussed the process of choosing the correct size and then fitting the cover. Be sure to check that out as well.

All our covers come with free foam sticks. Customers can use the foam sticks to push the cover into the sides of the couch. The foam sticks help sofa covers stay in place. However, in some cases it might not even be necessary.

have sofa cover stay in place with foam sticks

Most covers also have material strings attached to the bottom of the cover to help tie everything together underneath the couch and make it stay in place.

If you’ve tied the strings together and tucked in the sofa cover as much as possible with foam sticks all to no avail, you might have ordered an incorrect size.

Sizing is very important. You need to get the size right. After you’ve measured your couch according to our measurement guides, but you ignore the predetermined ranges, chances are the cover won’t fit probably. Order a size too small, and it won’t fit. Order a size too big and you might need to tuck it in a lot more than usual.

Keep in mind that couch sizes and shapes also differ and that also plays a role.

Your couch material also matters. If the material is smooth, you will need to make sure you order the correct size so that you get a tight fit with your cover.

Here at Crelo Couch Covers, we focus on providing our customers with great quality sofa covers and helping them with the most accurate fitment possible.

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