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Do you offer L-shaped couch covers for sectionals?

We often get asked if we offer couch covers for L-shaped couches and the answer is YES! You need to follow these steps before choosing your L-shaped cover.

Step #1: Measuring your L-shaped couch 

-You typically need to buy at least two covers for your L-shaped couch depending on the number of units or sections for your couch. 

-Our covers work best when they can be pulled over or tucked in between seating areas.

The image below will help you understand how to measure your couch correctly.

couch cover for sectional or l-shape

Step #2: Select the cover that fits within the range you measured

Once you've measured your couch and know the lengths for A+B+C and D+E+F you are ready to choose the covers you need. 

Typically couch cover sizes range between:

One seater: 90-140cm

Two seater: 145-185cm

Three seater: 190-230cm

Four seater: 235-300cm

All you need to do you, is find the cover or design you are interested in on our store, choose the correct size (example: a 3-seater and 4-seater cover) and place your order online.

Take a look at all the covers we have for sale over here.

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