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Different types of couch covers explained

Different types of couch covers explained

To help you to find and understand which couch cover to choose, we’ve decided to showcase some of the different types available. Please remember that new products are released to the market on a regular basis and this list might change over time.

However, right now, there are four main types of covers used for couches. Let’s take a quick look at each and some of the benefits they offer.


Slipcovers are our favorite! In fact, we sell a wide variety of covers in beautiful designs. These covers are by far the easiest to use. They are elastic, washable and can give your room a makeover within minutes.

Oftentimes a couch is the centerpiece of the room and changing it can improve your room tremendously. As new couches cost a lot of money, using a slipcover is an easy and affordable alternative. For people living in flats or small spaces, it’s a quick design trick. Take a look at some of the couch covers we sell below:

black and white slipcover

Loose or fitted covers

Loose or fitted covers fit differently than the ones we sell. You attach them to the couch with straps or tuck them into the sides. They can normally move around and don’t offer the same appeal of a slipcover.

Designs are often also limited. However, if you want a quick solution to protecting your couch from spills or dogs and don’t care much for the design, you can consider it. These products also tend to be a lot cheaper, but it depends on where you purchase them.

throw over cover

Covers with a skirt

Although these covers might not technically deserve their own category, it’s worth mentioning. Covers with skirts can look elegant, but also very dated.

It might not be something you would normally use to redo your house if you want a modern design touch, but if done right, it can look amazing. See some examples of skirt covers below.

DIY or custom

If you have a sewing machine you could sew your own cover. However, not everyone has the time and skills to do so. It can be difficult to get your cover to fit your couch perfectly. You can also get a custom cover made through a local seamstress or couch company, but prepare to pay above-average prices.

There’s also the additional time involved to get quotes, find the perfect material, etc. Alternatively, you can simply use an old sheet to cover your couch and protect it. It does work, but, it lacks a lot from a design point of view.

Here’s a video that shows you how to reupholster a couch.