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Benefits of using a couch cover

Benefits of using a couch cover

One of the most popular furniture pieces in almost any house, in terms of usage, is the living room couch. It's where the kids spend their Saturday mornings while devouring cereals and cartoons. It's where you and the hubby watch your late-night movies, and where your pets spend their dog day afternoons.

Whether you’re prolonging your furniture’s lifecycle or looking for ways to keep it looking new, couch covers are your best friend.

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A couch cover, or a slipcover, is a protective fitted jacket, typically made from cloth that can be easily slipped on or off upholstered furniture. It is often used to preserve the quality of your couch, but it can moonlight as a decorative add-on as well.

Similar fittings have been around since medieval Europe. They were used to keep dust away from fancy furniture in rooms that were rarely used. They were draped over furniture to protect them from the sun, humidity, dirt, insects, and rats.

Couch covers come in a variety of different types. Clear vinyl or plastic was once used as covers. However, it does not look stylish at all! Also, the slippery nature of these materials makes it difficult to sit on and even sticky on a warm day.

Updated production methods, and furniture fabric that were easier to clean and maintain eventually contributed to its decline - thankfully!

So, why is using a cover a good idea?

Often, we buy furniture with beauty and durability in mind. If you’re looking to maintain your sofa's quality and charm, then a couch cover can preserve it for years to come. Here are some of the benefits:

1. It enhances your interior design efforts

Sometimes we get tired of how a room looks and want a change. Sofas, vintage or new, cost a lot of money, that is why couch covers can help you transform your room without spending thousands of Rands on new furniture. Our covers come in many designs and colors. You can even buy more than one and switch it around.

This way you can deliver a fresh look and feel to your aged couch at the turn of every season. You can improve the design of your living space without digging a hole in your pocket.

2. Save time when doing a home makeover

Giving your home that much-needed makeover can take a lot of time and cost even more money. With some clever design ideas, you can transform your home into a brand new space without spending a lot of money. Our covers can help with just that!

Not only do they extend your sofas durability, but they are also a cost-effective way of giving your room a quick makeover. Covers also come in different sizes, meaning that you can change the look of almost any couch in your home. This can include living rooms, braai areas, and bedrooms.

Instead of painstakingly looking for a new couch and spending thousands on it, you can simply order a cover. After receiving it, it only takes a few minutes or even seconds to put it on your couch.

3. Protect your couch and easy cleaning

Our covers help protect your furniture from wear and tear and keep the upholstery odor, blemish, and dander free. They are easy to remove, easy to wash, and dry. With kids, dogs, or even adults in the house, spills on your couch are sometimes unavoidable. This way you can enjoy your couch without worrying about spills all the time.

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