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Will your cover fit a Coricraft couch?

Coricraft couches are amazing! They are of great quality and designed professionally. However, as with anything that you love to use, it does get some wear and tear over the years. We’ve had customers ask if our sofa covers will fit Coricraft couches and the answer is yes!

However, as with any other couch, you’ll need to follow our easy to use size guide that we display on each product page.

Our covers are designed in such a way that when you measure the length of your couch, you need to measure the inner sides of the couch as well and not only a straight line to get the "measured length".

Following that method will give you the correct length to work with. Then, all you need to do is to choose the cover size that falls within the range you measured.

Here’s one of our size guides for our water-resistant couch cover range.

measurement guide for using sofa covers for Coricraft couches

When you have your measured length, you can choose which cover size falls within the correct range.

For example:

1-seater covers fit 90-140cm

2-seater covers fit 145-185cm

3-seater covers fit 190-230cm

4-seater covers fit 235-300

If you’ve measured 185cm, you’ll need to order a 2-seater cover. If you measure 250cm in length, you need to order a 4-seater cover.

In fact all our covers work for 1,2,3,4-seater Coricraft couches and L-shaped couches.

A few other things to keep in mind:

-Will you have enough space to tuck the cover into the couch?

-Did you measure your couch from Coricraft correctly and according to our size guide?

If you’re still not sure whether our covers will work for your couch, just take a quick picture with your phone and send us an email with the measurements.

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